Healthy Pets from a Natural Diet

Your pet will thrive on a diet of natural NZ pet food.

The benefits of feeding your pet a natural, meaty diet are endless. You can expect to see whiter teeth, a shinier coat, stronger bones and joints, and increased energy and vitality.


I have been buying fresh fish and meat products from Pure Petfoods NZ for well over a year, since I discovered about the Company.

Having always believed that natural products are better than the dried kibble diets, I have noticed how much more satisfied our 5 dogs (3 German Shepherds and 2 Alaskan Malamutes) appear to be when having fresh rabbit, salmon or tripe for their dinners.  They love their ‘real’ food and the variety offered by Pure Petfoods NZ is excellent.

Thank you so much, team, for your excellent service.

Jennifer (Motueka)

Pure Petfoods NZ Reviews

Very Happy Dogs

We have 5 working sled dogs, 4 Alaskan Malamute's & 1 Siberian Husky.

Our dogs are 100% raw fed, the dogs coats are super shiny and recovery after working is exceptional. 

The Salmon, hare, rabbit etc is excellent quality, Pure Petfoods NZ service is very professional and delivery of their product is swift. 

We have very happy dogs here. 

Happy Customer - Bodhi

 I came across Pure Petfoods NZ quite by accident but I’m very glad that I did.  My dog Bodhi has severe allergies and is limited to many things that he can eat but raw salmon is no problem, and he loves it. The salmon comes frozen and delivered to my door, it is a godsend.  Not only are his allergies much, much better but his fur and his general demeanour has also improved.  Bodhi can highly recommend this product 😊


3 Happy Dogs

3 happy dogs eagerly awaiting their next meal from Pure Petfoods NZ. They love the good variety of quality, healthy food which comes with excellent service and fast delivery from this great company.