Adding Variety with Novel Wild Proteins

Adding Variety with Novel Wild Proteins

Could you imagine eating the same thing, day in day out, for most of your life? There is probably no chance of this, and why would you even want to? Life would be very boring.

Do you think if pets had the option, would they say ‘yes’ to the same thing, day in day out? I doubt it. They are designed to eat raw meat, take a look at their teeth – ready and waiting to either rip something apart to eat or to have a good chew on a tasty piece of meat.

That is why it is great to be able to source a variety of products, to keep your pet happy and healthy. There are options available to select individual meat proteins which are ideal to be added to your pet’s bowl so they can have the variety in their diet that they deserve, and will therefore benefit from the different vitamins and minerals that they each offer.

Feeding wild single protein sources comes with a myriad of benefits to support optimum health in our pets. Wild animals are ethically and sustainably sourced, free from hormones, and have generally lived a happy and healthy life free ranging and foraging in the wild.

NZ Wild Goat

Wild goat is known to be a hypoallergenic, lean source of protein. It is ideal for feeding to dogs as it is low fat and low cholesterol which is ideal for building muscle and repairing tissue. Being rich in Omega fatty acids, goat meat supports the cardiovascular system, brain function, joint and skin health. It also contains important vitamins in minerals – iron, zinc, copper, potassium and magnesium.

NZ Wild Rabbit (similar properties for NZ Wild Hare)

Wild rabbit is a highly sort after meat protein for pets – especially cats. It is considered to have one of the highest protein ratios compared to other meats such as chicken, turkey, lamb, fish. Meat that is high in protein is important to assist in building strong lean muscle. Rabbit meat is also low fat, so ideal for feeding to pets that may have health issues and need a low fat diet, and also for pets with inflammation problems. Rabbit meat is a great source of vitamin B12, E, iron, whilst be a good source of Omega 3 to assist the heart, brain, joints and skin health.

NZ Wild Venison

Wild venison is a great choice for a healthy lean red meat to feed to pets. Venison is high in vital vitamins and minerals such as iron, B vitamins, Omega 3 – these contribute to the health of pets by assisting, heart, brain, and joint function. An ideal source of protein to help keep your pet strong and healthy.

NZ Wild Wallaby

Wild wallaby is a unique protein to feed pets. Wallaby is known to be beneficial to pets to aid in reducing inflammation due to the high levels of Omega 3. It is an important source of iron, along with B vitamins, high in protein and low in cholesterol. Perfect for building lean and strong muscle in pets while supporting general health – especially the heart, brain and joints.

As you can see wild novel proteins all have similar benefits for pet health. By making a conscious decision to add an ethical and sustainable protein source to your pet's diet, you can also be assured that they are eating the way nature intended.

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