Dogs Love Salmon

Dogs Love Salmon

Dogs love salmon, not only does it taste good, but it also comes with multiple benefits for their health. Most of us are aware of the benefits that Omega 3 fatty acids have on our health as humans. These benefits are the same for dogs. It is easy to get Omega 3’s into your dog simply by feeding them salmon, farmed freshwater salmon has the highest level of Omega 3’s available.

Omega 3’s are beneficial for dogs in general, but especially so, if they suffer from inflammatory issues such as allergies, arthritis; have heart problems; behaviour issues; itchy skin; then it is important that you include Omega 3’s in their diet.

Inflammation is generally improved from the introduction of Omega 3’s into dog diets. Dogs who suffer from joint inflammation notice obvious improvements in joint mobility leading to increased activity levels. Inflammation from outside allergens, for example grass and pollen, is likely to reduce from the introduction of Omega 3’s in the diet therefore resulting in less agitation from itching and often the condition will completely clear up leaving the skin and coat in much better condition.

Omega 3’s have positive effects on brain function. It is important to provide Omega 3’s for a pregnant and lactating dog so she can pass the benefits through to her puppies to improve brain development. It is also important for the health of older dogs who may be suffering from age related issues from mobility to behaviour.

Heart health benefits positively from Omega 3’s. Omega 3’s can be responsible for lowering cholesterol levels in dogs which reduces the likelihood of heart problems and potential strokes by maintaining a healthy blood pressure and a healthy heart.

Salmon is one of our most popular products here at Pure Petfoods NZ. We source sustainably farmed freshwater salmon for our premium export quality pet food.

We produce salmon for the domestic and export pet food market as - Salmon Pieces, Salmon Cubes, Salmon Bites, Salmon Feast Bites (salmon blended with fruit & vegetables, hemp seed oil, flax powder, vitamins and minerals), and Salmon Roe Bites. Also as - Freeze Dried Salmon Bites, Freeze Dried Salmon Fillet Portions, Freeze Dried Salmon Roe.


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My dog, a springer spaniel/poodle cross, suffers from a skin allergy that the vet thinks may have come from long grass or food such as beef, lamb, or grains esp wheat. Do u have any suggestions as to any of your products that may help please?


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