Raw Food = Happy, Healthy Pets

Raw Food = Happy, Healthy Pets

It’s very common for pet owners to grab a bag of dry food for their pet without giving much thought as to whether it is good for them and let alone what the ingredients in it consist of. It’s often through habit and convenience that people feed their pets this way.

We, as humans, are becoming more and more aware of what is in the food we are eating and the same is also happening with pet owners wanting to know what is in their pet’s food. By providing your pets with a raw diet from a reputable company like us here at Pure Petfoods NZ, you will be free from worrying about the ingredients that are put in their food unnecessarily.

Raw feeding is quickly on the rise in New Zealand as a means of feeding cats and dogs. Taking the diet back to how animals in the wild and early domesticated animals eat. Cutting out the fillers and potential irritants in modern processed pet foods.

There is a myriad of benefits for cats and dogs once put onto a raw diet, you just need a plan for how and what you are going to feed. It is essential that pets are fed a variety of protein sources, like they would eat in the wild. So, include organs, tripe, meat, and bones to ensure a balance and variety of nutrients.

The benefits of feeding raw

  • Their teeth will be cleaner, by being naturally cleaned through chewing meat and bones leading to fresher smelling breath.
  • Inflammation in the body can improve through proper digestion and absorption of vitamins and minerals.
  • Irritation eg. itchy skin can improve significantly.
  • Weight management, raw fed pets are generally within the optimum weight range for their breeds.
  • Poos are less offensive, smaller and glossier due to proper digestion.
  • Healthy, shiny, soft coat from the essential nutrients and fatty acids.


If you are thinking about giving raw feeding a go – stop thinking and get going, your pet will love you for it!


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