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Salmon Mince Bites - 10kg

Salmon Mince Bites - 10kg

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Our Salmon Mince Bites are made from premium, sustainably farmed freshwater salmon - minced and cut into bites. Perfect for small dogs and cats, an easy addition to your pet's meal.

PURE Salmon provides a nutrient rich superfood to elevate, enhance and excite the health and well-being within your pet. 

Packed with Omega 3 & 6. Beneficial for pets joint health, brain function, cardiovascular health and skin.

A great product that's about as close to a dog's natural diet as it can be - simply PURE.

10 x 1kg packs.


Protein %                                                               18.9
Fat %                                                                        11.1
Calcium mg/kg                                                   2103
Potassium mg/kg                                               1379
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