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Venison Bites and Salmon & Lamb Bites Mixed Box 10kg

Venison Bites and Salmon & Lamb Bites Mixed Box 10kg

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PURE goodness in a mixed box.

Contains - 5 x 1kg Boneless Venison Bites and 5 x 1kg Salmon & Lamb Bites.

Whole Boneless Wild Venison cut into bite sized pieces. Non-minced product, chunky bites. Made from whole deer, not trim. 100% Venison. No fillers, by-product free, grain free, preservative free.

PURE Premium NZ Salmon and NZ Boneless Lamb minced and cut into bite sized pieces.

This is a 50/50 blend of salmon and lamb.

Ideal for feeding to pets that need a bit more fat in their diet. Finely minced for easy digestion.

Salmon is packed with Omega 3 & 6. Beneficial for pets joint health, brain function, cardiovascular health and skin. Lamb is high in protein, B vitamins and essential amino acids, also a great source of dietary fat.

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